I’m Not Wearing Any Pannnnnnnnties!!!

My hysterically-funny friend, fellow lunatic Libran, power broker, paradigm-shifter, Larry Lowe

…pointed out to me that my South Park alter ego, LoZone, doesn’t have any bottoms on. Her, uh, LoZone’s hanging out for all the world to see.

He said it like maybe it was an oversight or something on my part. Au contrare. You see, LoZone, much like Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s alter-ego), is a skanktastic, exhibitionistic, pole-hunching WHORE. (Hey, somebody’s gotta do it…certainly not me.)

So, FYI, she’s missing bloomers for a reason: she’s a skank. And true skanks need the occasional lower breeze just to keep them going.

Know what I mean? So, in the words of Meredith Vieira, just sit back and…”Enjoy the view.”

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4 thoughts on “I’m Not Wearing Any Pannnnnnnnties!!!

  1. >hey lo…did you clean up paris' twat last week? it was kinda "dark and shady" lookin' wif three-six. now it look "so fresh and so, clean, clean" 😉


  2. >Good eye, Lance!! While I personally wouldn't touch Paris' twat with a ten mile pole (I wouldn't even Photoshop it), I happened to find a cleaner version of the pic. So I swapped the old one in the Three-six post with this one (if you check it you'll see that she's got a clean twat now), and I also used the clean twat pic here.


  3. >If those two got together Lance, that would be funny as hell. The press would be all over it. I can't even see it. They'd probably somehow cancel each other out.


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