>These Two Need To Sit Down Somewhere.


I mean, seriously, either love it or leave it alone. Damn.

They just got remarried less than three months ago, and now, per gossip site PerezHilton.com, they’re once again getting a divorce.

This up and down business does not bode well. It has “tragic ending waiting to happen” written all over it.

PerezHilton.com: Feminem Files For Divorce!

7 thoughts on “>These Two Need To Sit Down Somewhere.

  1. >i betcha as the story comes out….he "caught" her snortin' or shootin' on TAPE. then will use it against her in court, which she ain't gonna want the judge to see. sooooo….she settles outta court with what "em" wants her to have and he get the daughter, "hailie". which is all he wanted anyway. married "do-do" to get custody of his baby. then ass-out baby mama. more than likely, em gotta chick on the side. probably a sistuh.ain't nuthin' like chocolate puddin' y'all?… ;-P~~~


  2. >yeah, probably do. 'member the so-called "controversy" about him makin' a "racist" rap about being jilted by a sister while in high school?


  3. >Yeah, but I figured that was just something he was "getting out of his system." You know how that goes sometimes. Maybe it helped him get his street cred.


  4. >well, depends how she kick'd his ass to the curb…..LOL!back then, marshall you ain't shit!today, oh em, you always gon' be my baby!(ublkn) <— no lie!


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