6 thoughts on “Big Love For Lance.

  1. >thanks for the love y'all. i don't mind putting it out into the world, but i've learned i have diabetes. sooooo, right now, it's insulin shots (no pills; body can't produce insulin now), diet and exercise and hopefully i can wean off that get my blood sugar back to where it supposed to be.be careful of what you eat today. it can comeback to haunt you tomorrow.


  2. >Lance, I recently found out my blood sugar was out of wack and aggressively changed my diet and I am not back in the safe zone. Watch your rice, potatoes, and bread. Of course sugar. Crystal Light lemonade and iced tea mixed is the bomb. Also look into taking Spuralina daily and look into some of the other natural herbs that held regulate blood sugar. It can be beat and you WILL come off of insulin. Lo, if you have Lance's e-mail give him mine and I'll send him the name of a book that has a recommended regime of supplements that I take and they do the trick.Peace.Juan


  3. >Good lookin' out, Juan!!! I just e-mailed him both your message and your e-mail address. I love all the love we have up in The Lo Zone. A true spirit of camaraderie with folks who've never met in the flesh looking out for one another. What a blessing!!


  4. >Thanks Juan and Lolita for helping me to understand diabetes. I'm sure Juan can relate, when you first hear of you have it. It's like SHOCK, AWE and now what?I have had many to TELL me what to do, but Juan takes it to the next level by EDUCATING me what to do. That's key. It saves on confusion and stress because knowing what could happen by not taking care of diabetes properly is stressful enough.One love…Lance


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