>You Say ‘Tomato,’ I Say ‘Tomahto’…("It’s TOMAHTO, Dammit!!!")

>Check out this TOTALLY COOL radio spot for Eric Jerome Dickey’s book, Genevieve

…and his new book, Chasing Destiny.

Ever since Genevieve came out, people have had trouble pronouncing the title. It’s pronounced the French way, and he’s constantly correcting people about it, which is a hoot.

Look at him smiling.

That’s because he’s probably saying “it’s Zhawn-vee-EHV!!!”

(In the interest of full disclosure, I’m the one who suggested to him that her name have the French pronunciation, so I should be the one taking the heat on it, but somehow I’ve managed to escape.) It’s an excellent book, no matter how you say it.

He’s also talking about Chasing Destiny in the radio spot, which is killa-dilla. I cannot say that enough.

Listen to the commercial. It’s an absolute riot!!!

Amazon.com: Genevieve
Amazon.com: Chasing Destiny
Eric Jerome Dickey.com

5 thoughts on “>You Say ‘Tomato,’ I Say ‘Tomahto’…("It’s TOMAHTO, Dammit!!!")

  1. >LOL! that's too funny!here i was pronouncin' it the 'ol fashioned negro way "gen-eh,veave" and then i continue to read and you & bruddaman are flippin' the skript on us simple people.don't tell me chasing "destiny" is "deh-eh-stu-ney". if so, i'm sending y'all both buckets of fried chicken tonight (with hot sauce, of course). time to come back home!


  2. >nice radio spot eric. it's the first time i've ever heard his voice and he sounds so down home, like a fish fry and beer!*** notice the love for food and drinks, i can't divulge with no mo'….well, not now, but down the road***what in life don't kill ya, will make you hungry!


  3. >Great spot. Eric is in DC on 4/17 and I am supposed to go see Colson Whitehead for a school related event. I am going to have to try to figure out how to do both.(toqogdk)That one has me puzzled.


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