Karrine On Oprah.

Karrine Steffans, author of the unstoppable, hate-it-or-love-it, New York Times bestseller, Confessions of a Video Vixen

…is on a new episode of Oprah today.

I’m certain it will be worth tuning in.

Amazon.com: Confessions of a Video Vixen

17 thoughts on “Karrine On Oprah.

  1. >how is it that hoes and con-artists are gettin' props on oprah, but no love for a REAL novelist, lolita files?i got love for oprah, but don't get me started…..


  2. >Well thank you, Lance, but I think these books offer Oprah "teachable moments" for her audience. These are cautionary tales people can learn from, and while I don't claim to know how she thinks, that might be her objective.


  3. >yeah, but still, (i haven't read the book "vixens"), but who's to say much of that stuff is "real"?what entertainer, true or not true, is going to confront it? it's not going to benefit them in the least. they've made their success. especially, if it's a black entertainer. so, she can "roll" the lie/truth, knowing the artist doesn't want deal with the bullshit of having to justify, answer, validate, prove themselves.what is she gonna teach oprah's audience, how to give better head?


  4. >Better head? Now that's a thought.I can't say I know Oprah but I watch the wheels turning from time to time and every now and again she invites someone on just to make them look foolish/simple, etc. I remember that King guy who wrote the book about the Down Low. She made him look really, really, really stupid.


  5. >I don't know, guys. I'm watching the show right now and Karrine has done an excellent job of representing herself and how there is nothing alluring about that video world she was a part of, and Oprah has been very fair to her. It's been a pretty good show so far. I really do hope young girls are watching this and getting a clue.


  6. >I didn't get a chance to tune in at work — imagine that, no time for TV at work. But I read the promo for the show which also included Pink (I think her new video is on) then I realized the agenda of the show was taking a different spin.I think Karrine, somewhere along the way, changed her schtick. At first I think she was like, I screwed him, did him, and him and so on and so on. Somebody must have pulled her up and said, "Yeah, true, but they got they millions and all you got is a reputation as a skank ho." Lightbulb moment. I think this was her way of turning a self-imposed lemon into lemonade.That's my story and I am sticking by it. 🙂


  7. >The show was about the stupid culture that entices women that have holes in their souls to believe that using themselves up is popular and unwise. becomeing smaller so others (typically males) can become or seem bigger.


  8. >ROFLMAO!!!! matt you're a sick puppy!!!! join the club!!!!juan is the man! i'm wif you on that bro. oh, now she's going the victim route but when you read the book, she's probably comparing dick sizes of the stars.<====8


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