>I’m Not Exactly Sure They’re A Reliable Source, But…


Page Six has some juicy JLo news.

According to the embattled shakedown rag (dang, Lo, that was a good one!!), JLo’s first husband…


Ojani Noa


…is trying to do a little shakedown of his own:

Bronx bombshell Jennifer Lopez filed a lawsuit in L.A. yesterday to stop a salacious tell-all by her hunky first hubby – claiming Cuban stud Ojani Noa broke a no-tell pact and tried to shake her down for $5 million. J.Lo claims he’s using the racy manuscript to make a buck off their brief 1997 marriage. Among other tidbits, Noa claims J.Lo cheated on Sean “P. Diddy” Combs in 1999 with her current husband – but then-married-to-someone-else – Marc Anthony.

What?????? JLo cheated on her boyfriend with a married man????? People…

This is not news!!!!

Page Six, reach between your legs and feel around for your balls. They’ve apparently fallen off. Get over yourself. So what, the feds are investigating you? Roll with it. Give us something we can chew on.

If The Sixies were really the badasses most of us thought they were, they’d use this time of intense scrutiny to get medieval on everybody. I’m talking go. all. out. Talk about folks’ mamas and errthang.

Instead they throw us this wackass bone. JLo cheated on Diddy


…with the then-married Marc Anthony

Big freakin’ whoop. I guess the timeless words of William Shakespeare really fit here when it comes to how Page Six is handling gossip in the wake of their troubles: “thus conscience does make cowards of us all.” Punk a$$es.

See, the real news would have been if she’d been faithful the whole time.

Now that would have been a scandal, fa sho’!!!

New York Post Online: Page Six: JLo Sues Ex

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