6 thoughts on “>It’s Here!!! It’s Here!!! The Alien Baby Is Here!!!

  1. >I wonder what they've done with Rosemary, uh, Katie now that demon spawn, I mean, baby has been delivered.Remember the movie and how Rosemary was forced to drink those nasty, chalky milkshakes? Funny how Katie always had a big Starbucks cup in her hand, all during her pregnancy. I wonder what kind of creepy cocktail was really in those cups.


  2. >i wonder if they're gonna have a media war on the cele-babies. tomkat's girl vs brangelina's newborn. hmmmm…i wonder what nicole kidman and jennifer anniston are up to?


  3. >You guys won't be so "laughy" when we're all aboard the mothership being judged!Greeneyedrican,I have that effect on women but it's more in the way that John Merrick used to cause women to spill coffee on themselves…


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