>The Church Of Jamie.


Are you ready to be saved?????

Per British paper The Sun, Jamie Foxx is the man for the job:

ACTOR-turned-singer Jamie Foxx has announced he is going to rescue the R & B music scene.

The cocky star’s album Unpredictable took the US by storm in 2005 and now he reckons he can save the charts from more bland soul releases.

He says: “I am the saviour.

“I’m definitely going out there with my mic and my shield to declare: ‘I am here to save R & B’.

“I will have the people saying: ‘Sire, there is a man at the musical gates saying he is here to save R&B’.”

Go ‘head, Jamie. That’s a pretty tall order. It’s going to be interesting to watch you do it.

The Sun Online: Bizarre Online: Foxx: I am R&B saviour

7 thoughts on “>The Church Of Jamie.

  1. >are you serious????that oscar shit dun gon' to his head…take ray charles outta "ray" and no one would have see the pic.take ludacris outta "unpredictable" and it would have been an "average" song. luda made the difference!!!!pass me a wang luda!!!!


  2. >Whateva Lance – Jamie really wants to sing and thats his passion. He will focus on it and BLOW EVR'BODY AWAY!!!Say one mo thing bout Jamie and it's on Lance. I know my boo (JAmie) was miss quoted and taken out of context – now what!(yes I got ghetto with it too)


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