7 thoughts on “>Shar & Penn Halle & Her Man.

  1. >yeah, you gotta point there lo…hmmmm, halle seems to be buying up books and optioning off for movie deals, you think, ummmm, she'll be like, uhhhhh wanna option off s.l.m.f?i don't know. i would bash halle but i can't this time. if she's happy, be happy. but if the shit don't work, try, try again. give ol' lance a call. the buck stops here!!!!…. ;-)p.s.: she gotta get rid of that mop on her haid. i'm feelin' that old hair style. hmmm, maybe that was too much to maintain, ya think?


  2. >Not even going to trip about seeing the lovely Halle with her dude.. half of me is happy for half of her . Shit she is a child of mixed pairing it's only fair she gives a white boy a chance to fuck over her like so many brothers have ( or so it's been told.) Way i see it I dont have a chance let that man have his turn. I'm still amused with Eric Benet and his sexual addiction explanation when he was caught by her. Talk about rumor humor… iused that shit myself on time woman walked in on me and I was like hey baby this aint what you think it is … dont consider it me fucking around .. I'm just strung out on this shit and everytime I try to kick it keeps calling me ( if you decide to use this .. make sure to say it like Chris Rock as Pookie on New Jack City)


  3. >Well. This will be interesting to watch play out. Halle has had really fucked luck in picking a man. I don't really care if she is dating a green dwarf as long as she is happy. But I must say, the second picture either she is pissed because the paparazzi is around or home girl ain't looking too pleased.


  4. >you kno' whut, y'all? i'mma try sumpthin'. i'm gonna head into the city and just hang out and where they are shootin' this new halle moobie "perfect stranger" and see if i can "be that guy". and if the next picture y'all see in the post or daily news of hunky-model boy crying and halle rollin' with the lanceman….you got the scoop here first!(ddthda) <– just say "daddy" halle, just say "daddy"… (;-)


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