You’re Not N*ggas!!!

I’m a few days late on this because I’ve been so swamped (and still am), but it seems the ultra-talented rapper/actor/socially conscious Mos Def (of whom I’m a huge fan)…

…had a few choice things to say about Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz (who can make me shake my lil’ booty from time to time—“Bia, Bia!!!!!!!!!!!!“)…

…in the new issue of The Source magazine.

Lance, this oughta get you going. Per Mos:

“Our priorities is gettin’ fucked. Lil Jon-I love his music. But why are the East Side Boyz names Big Sam and Lil Bo? What the fuck? What’s next, Kunta and Kinte? The South should know better. This is the same country that ran up in Fred Hampton’s crib and shot him in bed with his pregnant wife. You think the rules changed cause niggas got No. 1 records? What are we supposed to tell our kids? After Malcolm, Martin and Dubois we got Sam-Bo? I’m supposed to be down with that ’cause it makes me dance?

Jimmy Iovine, Lyor Cohen, Doug Morris…all of these dudes were not prepared in their schooling or in any of their social upbringing for a world where they have to deal face to face with, not only people who are outside of their class, but people who in their minds could very well be their servants. Now you gotta deal with somebody you’ve been trained to deal with as your underling as your partner. It’s a bitter fuckin pill to swallow cause now you need this person. Jimmy Iovine is not your buddy. Lyor is NOT happy about Jay Z being president of DJ. I dont give a fuck what he say. If the dude could go from rhyming to being a CEO in 10 years or less, what is he going to be in 15 or 20? He might have Lyor’s job at this rate.

Paris Hilton don’t really care about ya’ll niggaz, man. She can’t even hear ya’ll niggaz. I’m just keeping it real. THis shit is entertainment to them. We’re adopting their morals like we them and we never been them. We don’t have the same struggle. Dudes is no more than 20 years removed from real poverty. For dudes to have this much access to money and it’s not translating to people power, it’s inexcusable.”

Guess that scraps my plans for title of my next book, Big Titty Mammies and Wenches Worldwide.

Mos would Definitely not approve.

[Dap to anybody who recalls what inspired the title of this blog post. It’s a direct quote from something I considered quite entertaining in its day.] Rap – Mos Def Calls Out Lil John and Industry Execs

13 thoughts on “You’re Not N*ggas!!!

  1. >WOW!!!! MOSt DEFinitiely on point!!!!!like the old saying goes:giving a nigga a million dollars don't make them millionaires, just a nigga with a million dollars.


  2. >In the words of ole Deacon Jones who always sat on the second pew instead of the first with all the other deacons at the New Second Macedonia Baptist Church of Carolina Corner, "SAY IT!"


  3. >He was all on target. I get tired of seeing cats flossing their money like we as black people got it made. We ain't got spit! We need to get like these Mexican's and make America take notice. Shut this mother down until we really get whats coming to us, and I'm not talking about no 40 acres and a mule jack — BTW, I think the title came from BAMBOOZLED.


  4. >Rich!! Welcome to the comments section of my blog!!I'm with all of you. Mos Def was right on point.As for your guess about the title, Rich…ooh, so close. It comes from a movie with the same director as "Bamboozled."Extra dap if you can guess the actor who said it.


  5. >Ohh, now I remember, Lawrence Fishburne (School Daze), in the scene at the Popeyes or whatever the restaurant was, and they had beef with the locals, and one of them just happened to be my man, Samuel Jackson. — BTW, I heard by my local "bootleg" DVD man, that block party was whack, maybe I should rent it for myself. For the record, I don't do "Pre-Market DVD's", I believe in artists getting paid for their work, at leasts thats the story I'm sticking to.


  6. >Ding!!! Ding!!! Ding!!! Ding!!!Rich wins the prize!!!!It was Laurence Fishburne who said it to angry townie Sam Jackson in the movie "School Daze." The townies were seemingly jealous of the college boys (Fishburne, Branford Marsalis, et al), confronted them, and said something like "y'all niggas, just like us," to which the very positive, conscious Fishburne, in a classic movie moment of black love meets kumbaya, says, "You're not niggas!!!"I think my friends and I said that to each other for a solid year.Fishburne's character's name, by the way, was "Dap." (So my comment about giving "dap" to anyone who got the answer had double meaning. I'm so darn clever!!!)LOL on that "Pre-Market DVD" thing!!


  7. >damn. i totally misread the comment…i was on my MOS DEF kick, 'cause mos def big screen debut was on "bamboozled". and since mos comments was the subject, i just thought the answer centered around him, but i stand corrected.about "school daze"….some of you probably are gonna say, "he's lying" or "NIGGA, please", but i was an extra in the aforementioned movie "school daze" and that particular scene at the KFC on Gordon St. was actually the first day of shooting. i'm not shown in the picture because i played a patron sitting next to the "local yocals" as they were called. if you remember the film, brandford marsalis was checking the salt shakers and came upon the "locals with samuel l. jackson" from the left. i sat on the opposite side of the "locals" but unfortunately, my shot got edited out. yeah, lance. BULLSHIT!!!no lie, ask anyone that was affiliated with spike lee and "school daze" on the first day of production shooting and they can basically validated my words. the shoot started around 6am, i had to be there at 4:30am. i believe it was in february but it was cold, damp and wet from rain the night before. i auditioned for casting by doing a soliloquy of lou gossett, jr's character in "an office and a gentlemen". his rants to the recruits, you know the "steers and queers" comments. anyway, the first day was kinda crazy. spike was god and everybody seemed to "bowed down" to him except the sound guy and the dp, ernest dickerson. in looking back, my audition was horrible but my jheri curl back then was tight, and i think that why i was selected. sam jackson and the fellas were all wearing wigs and when we were chillin' near the make up RV, one of the "locals" told me that the shoot was over, you can take off my wig and i was like, this is my real hair and everybody died with laughter….lmao!it's strange to see all those cats back then. chatted with laurence fishburne, larry back then, about his movie "quicksilver" and like an ass i asked him about working with kevin bacon. i was introduced to samuel l. jackson, very friendly and funny. back then one of his claims to fame was being a stand in for bill cosby of the "the cosby show" fame. when i told him as well as the others, james bond III, kadeem hardison, bill nunn and brandford marsalis of wanting to be a screenwriter, they all gave me props and well wishes. all of the guys gave me their autographs all on one sheet of paper and between moving from atlanta back to raleigh, north carolina in 1987, i lost it. damn! but overall, that was my first experience of being on a movie set and the movie bug definitely bit me from that day even now.


  8. >Look at that!! Six degrees of separation, only smaller!! Do it, Lance!! That was an AWESOME story!!The part about them telling you that you can take off your wig now? ROFL!!! ROFL!!! ROFL!!!


  9. >and now you see the end result of all dem chemikals….slick and bald! thanks lo!but one day we'll all meet again….i think this year is going to be my year!gotta think positive,gotta stay positive.


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