Fairy Tales.

People always have to find something to get upset about. This time, it’s about a fairy tale with gay characters that has the conservative right twisted in a knot.

A teacher in Lexington, MA read a children’s story called King & King

…to her class of seven-year-olds without getting permission from their parents first. That apparently unleashed a shitstorm grande (hmmm…there’s a pun in that somewhere) that has the conservative right up in arms and parents’ rights groups threatening lawsuits.

In the book…

The crown prince rejects a bevy of beautiful princesses, rebuffing each suitor until falling in love with a prince. The two marry, sealing the union with a kiss, and live happily ever after.

Now that sounds like a cute little tale. And they were royals too? I’ll bet their wardrobe was fabulous.

Gay fairy tale sparks civil rights debate

5 thoughts on “Fairy Tales.

  1. >I am not sure what the teacher's agenda was here, but she definitely made a mistake. Come on, 7 year olds? I really think that ultimately what many think Broke Back did to advance the visibility of gays will actually end up making it necessary to go underground. The right white (and sometimes they are actually neither) was already threatened by the browning of America and add to that the "sweetening" (no offense meant here) they have no choice but to lash out. The incidents of hate crimes will definitely be on the rise. Not a prediction just the nature of the beast.All you have to do is look at periods when we were going through tough economic times. The po white trash then takes it out on the working class Blacks and Latinos they feel are taking the jobs that they aren't qualified for or too proud to do except for the fact that they are running out of Black Label beer.


  2. >i'm trying to figga out, how the story got out that a teacher read this story to the 7-year olds? ya think one of the kids went home and told mommy & daddy or watched spongebob on t.v.? spongebob probably would get the vote, in fact, the kids probably weren't paying attention anyway. we are talkin' about 7-year olds here ladies & gentlemen!!!


  3. >Lance, my man, years ago I would have been in the "they're only 7 year olds" corner. However, when I my youngest was in pre-K — so we're talking 4 year olds — he came home and said, "Bobby and Sam say they're gay."When I asked him why, he said, "It's gross, I don't want to tell you." I didn't want to press him and casually got back around to the subject a day or two later. I stressed that he could tell me anything and that even if it was gross it was sometimes best to get an adult's opinion. Well, you could have bought me for a penny when he said, "Sam and Bobby say they're gay because they suck dicks."So, my man, 7 year old don't mean nothing these days.Oh, as it turns out I mentioned this to Sam's mother. She and Bobby's mom had both been married before and had older son's from the previous marriage. As it turns out, the older brothers had taught the younger ones how to give head. Go figure.


  4. >I guess my upcoming work, "Spot Loves Pussy" is completely out then. It's a quaint tale of a dog who falls for the neighbor's kitty cat. When their masters learn of the torrid affair, Spot and Pussy make a suicide pact involving heroin and the hydrant down the street.Still trying to work out the plot kinks.


  5. >yeah, good point juan. i keep forgetting these days, kids are more acute about the environment around them and with 500+ t.v. channels and the internet of an adult mind, there's much of "life" to grab.you're one sick puppy matt!!!!


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