10 thoughts on “Pass The Sizzurp.

  1. >naaah, can't be. i think ol' charles was fugg'd up on the sizzrup and just call'd her a nigger for no reason at all (a term of endearment,so to speak). keep in mind, penn said it and it wasn't a problem with mercury….lol there's niggers, niggas and niggaz…the latter are the ones you BETTER watch out for!!!my peoples, my peoples….lol


  2. >I truly enjoyed "return of rat eater". I just left Leesburg, Fl (now you know that's the country)at the beginning of April and my Aunt Fleeter (her real name) gave me a bottle of Alaga syrup. I haven't had it in years, they don't sell it here or maybe my wife just doesn't buy it. Anyway, would you believe I left it in the doggone rental car, so much for finger lickin' good.


  3. >"Aunt Fleeter"?!!!! Wow. I had an Aunt Ploog (yup, it's pronounced just like you see it), but Fleeter might be sweeter.I would have been in hysterics if I left a bottle of Alaga in a rental car. About thirteen years ago, in 1993 when I still worked for KinderCare, I was in Woburn (the Boston area), checking out the playground we were redoing at one of the centers. A team of my employees were digging up the ground with trucks. One of them struck something. I came over and picked it up. It was a gigantic femur—surely some kind dinosaur leg bone. Enormous. We were all in shock. I took it and put it on the floor in the backseat of my rental car, visions of international acclaim and riches dancing in my head. Later that day, I went to visit my cousins in nearby Mattapan and let my cousin Dawn braid my hair. It was an all-night job that went into morning, and I immediately rushed to the airport that a.m. to fly back to home to Montgomery, AL. I settled into first class for a nice sleep. Suddenly I woke up and realized I had turned the rental car in with dinosaur bone in the back. I was DEVASTATED. As soon as I landed, I called Avis in Boston, asking about the bone. Nobody knew anything. Yeah, right. Mr. Avis probably got rich off my bone. Who knows what kind of dinosaur that was. It could have even been a Bigmuthaf*ckasaurus, like they just discovered last week.


  4. >Lo – you wrong gurl – lol…I will be making your biscuits real soon… wish me luck and plan to bring yo ass to the reception at least and drop it like its hot one time – lol


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