>Plagiarism Is The New Black.

>Why am I bothering to wrack my brain to create original stories when I could just lift some stuff out of already existing books? And get big money and movie deals for it? Why shouldn’t I let someone else do all the work and reap the benefits? Why am I on the grind when I could be chillin’ in the villainous cut?

As of yesterday, the number of identical and/or extremely familiar passages Kaavya Viswanathan had stolen “unintentionally and unconsciously” lifted was thought to be between 24 and 29. Now it’s up to 40. And this child got $500K and a movie deal for her book, which she ripped off from someone else’s books.

I’m gonna steal some passages from “Chasing Destiny.”

Bubby Eric will never notice, and if he does, I’ll just say ‘sorry’ and flash him some t*tty. That oughta blind him to the situation for a bit.

Long enough for me to take the money and run.

New York Times – Aggrieved Publisher Rejects Young Novelist’s Apology

3 thoughts on “>Plagiarism Is The New Black.

  1. >You know, I wasn't going to post on this one until I read the actual comparisons. As a writer of original material it is somewhat unnerving as well as insulting. Bad enough we have constant parades of legitimized ripoffs in Hollywood and TV, but this blatant theft is unreal. I…I…for once am speechless.Though, the Indian author is pretty damned cute, so I say we let her go this time.


  2. >Pretty or no, she's not even a good plagiarist. Lo, I guess your original idea is playing itself over and over and over again. But just let you try some shit like that and they'd shut you down immediately.But I guess this speaks to another issue. Everyone has a desire to be liked, and considered smart, etc. etc.Poor dear, she's embraced the American dream to the fullest.


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