Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw.

Hmmm. Just so I don’t confuse you, the title of this blog post comes from the opening line of a hit song the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a few years ago called “Scar Tissue.” I really like that song. Can’t say the same for this picture, though.

If only these things inspired song.

I feel awful. I have friends who are her friend. My friends are nice people who really like her. They are probably so ashamed of me now. I don’t dislike her. This is purely an asthetic assessment. I mean, this was her at The Daytime Emmys, for criminy, and this is a pop culture blog. We talk about pop culture here. Star’s new titties are front and center in the pop culture dialogue. She put ’em there. She’s the one who told us about ’em.

(But seriously, folks…if you’re going to wear provocative clothing, it should hide your scar. You lose the effect. It totally distracts your eyes from what you’re supposed to be looking at. I mean, have you even noticed how lovely her new titties are?)

Hollywood Star Jones Wants to Play Peak-a-Boob

21 thoughts on “Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw.

  1. >she didn't pay to get "tig ole bitties" so she should have kept them in the closet too. She is so unattractive with the massive weight loss. She looks more sickly than attractive. Sometimes you have to learn to love the skin you are in!


  2. >She should not have worn that horrible dress. First off the dress is ugly. She should have put some foundation on that scar. That is what I do to my tattoos when I have a professional event.


  3. >Yeah, Dawnya, foundation for the scar would have been good. I think there's some called Dermablend might have worked. I'm rather baffled that she would wear a dress with a sheer opening drawing so much attention to it.


  4. >Okay, so the question is is that scar tissue from the reduction mamoplasty or the gastric by-pass (which she denies having). Either way it is stank ass nasty.Matt, I don't think her husband is in the closet — that door was taken off by the hinges.But seriously, when is someone going to tell her she too old for that goldie locks hair. She needs a new and improved short cut to make her look less weighted down by her tresses.What a fuckin mess.(npone)


  5. >Lo Lbooogie is only typing shit about Star's boobs cause she has a rack like Pam Grier .. obviously Star wasn't blessed in the physical department .. seeing that she is blessed finacially should should make wiser choices when it comes to plastic surgeons … … Lo please dont ever post a nude shot of this former beached whale thats all I'm begging of youps … sorry for outing you LBoog but the guys on the post had to know lol


  6. >Gee thanks Cort!!!For all that don't know he is my pimp and taking bids… It's a ike and tina thing – lolyeah you right I though money bought betta options than this!


  7. >yo cort..can i get a discount? hell how 'bout a freebie?!!! today is my birthday!!!!!…may 2nd!!!! c'mon lboogie!!!! SHAKE WHAT'CHA MAMA GAVE YA!!!!!and then, we'll go to the champagne room, betta yet…shake it IN the champagne room…


  8. >since i was "strayed" away from star and the cut from the movie "alien" by lboogie and cort, "ahem" "escort services"….what was she thinking? i think i know…she's probably has been swol' all her life…enduring many fat jokes (well, they ain't gonna stop now!)and comparisons to a "broke ass" oprah wanna-be, nevertheless, i shan't say anything negative about lady star, considering y'all done bust her up so bad, i'm coming for sloppy seconds….REAL SLOPPY!!!


  9. >it would be so sloppy you couldn't endure it .. I know my stomach couldnt bear the thought – cortneygeea hard dick has no conscience. you'd be aiiight!


  10. >the champagne room…ummm, er, well, it's like this here…a room where any and everything goes down….and whatever HAPPENS in the champagne room, STAYS in the champagne room. right HoZone?!!!!… ;-o


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