We need another one of these like we need ass acne.

This smacks of a desperate attempt to get one’s street cred back. That’s right, he may be doing a Beverly Hills Cop IV.

Per website Wizbang Pop!:

A new movie – the first in 12 years – is currently on the storyboard, and Murphy is confident. He says, “I have seen the new script and it is looking good.”

I thought Eddie’s action days were pretty much over and he was more focused on family and kid-oriented films. (Yeah, yeah, I know he’s in the upcoming movie Dreamgirls, but once Shrek the Third comes out, he’ll be cemented in our minds as Donkey forever, that’s just all there is to it.)

Now if they made a Beverly Hills Donkey Cop…that would be a hit. I’d go see it.

Wizbang Pop! – Eddie Murphy Returning To Beverly Hills Cop

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