You Know You’ve Been Dying To See Me Again.

Yeah. You know you missed this. I can feel it. I can see it on your cyberfaces.

She’s on the final stretch of that thing, y’all. She’ll actually be finished by the end of today. Then it’ll be ’round the clock her, so you better drink this in while you’ve got the chance.

Anyway, I cum come bringing tidings of whoretastic stankness great joy. I finally found pole!!! Especially since none of you bothered to find one for me. Here it is:


Nice, huh? I thought so, too. So let’s get things going. I got the outfit. I got the pole. And I’ve also got the music…a HoZone theme song, if you will.

So start throwing dollars!!! This is an all-cash zone. There’ll be no looking for free. What, you think these tiddays came cheap just because I’m a cartoon?

I used the same doctor Star Jones did. I don’t know what y’all thought. Let’s get it started up in this piece.

Previously: The Lo Zone: I Know, I Know.

9 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Been Dying To See Me Again.

  1. >I am on the muvafuckin flo . . .Ho, oops, I mean Lo, oh shit whoever you is today, you are insane.Music is hot, I actually have never heard that song before — knew of it but never heard it.Glad your "thang"is almost done.On the real tip, and I think it proably started in LA. There are pole parties where a professional pole dancer comes to your house with a portable pole and teaches you and your guests how to work the pole. I wonder if that is what Tupperware had inmind when they started those in-home demos.


  2. >Picture me rollin down I-95, with a 40, some oooo-weee and Luke playing the theme music. Ho, you is straight crazy. I'd pay to see you work the pole any day (one tig ole bittie on each side of the pole! – now that's what I'm talking bout!) You bout to make me ready to move back to Florida or head out West, either way some sun and ho's is good every now and then.


  3. >wowwwww…see you know lo' has class. fuck lil john and nem…she went all the waaaay back to da "bottom" to get da "root of all hip-hop evil" luke campbell.if you don't know….luke changed da hip-hop game, lyrically and visually. take luke campbell outta the game and we'd still be hoppin' around like mc hammer and poppin' our neck for chicken bites.


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