Bill Cosby Is Full Of Hope For Black Men.

Looks like your boy is at it again, dropping pearls of wisdom like pigeon poop falling from the skies.

This time he was advising the graduating class at Spelman. To wit:

“You have to know that it is time for you all to take charge,” Cosby said. “You have to seriously see yourselves not as the old women where the men stood in front and you all stood behind, because the men, most of them are in prison.”

Added Cosby: “It is time for you to pick up the pace and lead because the men are not there. They’re not there and every one of you young women know it.”

I don’t know whether to spit fire or just turn away. While it is true that there’s definitely an inordinately high number of black males in prison, to write off the black male population is just absurd. I know more black men out of prison than I do ones that are in. He probably scared the bejeezus out of these girls with his alarmist statements.

Hopefully they didn’t take him too seriously. Otherwise, Lance, looks like there might be a whole new set of sisters about to hit the scene eager to try “Something New.”

Ledger-Inquirer: Cosby challenges Spelman graduates ‘to take charge’

8 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Is Full Of Hope For Black Men.

  1. >now that's just great…just when i thought i had sanaa and nem, here comes bill fugg'n shit up, chasing away sistas to fall in love with larry, the cable guy… ;-P….but that's okay. i know lboogie will lub me…. 😉


  2. >I don't understand why he feels the need to continue to put his own people down. Not all black men are locked up. Hell and some even got good jobs. I love my black men…they just don't love me…lol.


  3. >very interesting. cosby is very controversial. yes there are alot of black men in prison, but their are also many more working and taking care of families. there are rugrats in every race and culture. not just the african american culture.


  4. >i think cos biggest problem is that he's a product of the media. and like all of us, a lot of what we see, we tend to believe it's true. case-in-point: welfare….when you turn on your local t.v. news, most of the stories on the poor usually features some single black mother with kids on welfare, when in fact, the majority of people on welfare are white. very rarely do you see any story about white people on welfare in the local t.v. news. in prison, the same thing, the vast majority of convicts are white, but what do we see on the t.v. news? brothers in handcuffs. meanwhile we'll see during the commericals of happy white families going to home depot or advertising something or if you do see black folks in a commerical, it's usually a single black mom with a kid or kids…where's the daddy?. but back on the tube, you'll see the criminal element of black folks in trouble. keep seeing that everyday and stereotypes will develop of white is good and black is bad. not only does it perpetuate itself of other cultures looking at us, but even within ourselves we'll stereotype each other. hence, the shit we in now.the next time you watch your local t.v. news, from the beginning to the end, watch how it all goes down. we still got mad love for you dawnya… ;-*


  5. >I love when cosby does this stuff! Like it or not – he ain't lieing and the discussions should never die. Of course their is no one comment to fit every person or situation. And… as long as the slave mentality continues HE'LL ALWAYS HAVE SUMTHING TO TALK ABOUT!


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