Gawd, I Love Me Some Preston Xavier Burke!!!

Those who understand, understand.

Those who don’t…ooh-wee, you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

[P.S. The show will be moving to Thursday nights when the new season returns. How’s that for a switch? This will be the thing that will finally bury the already dead show, ER. Who still watches that anyway?] Grey’s Anatomy ABC performs sked surgery

3 thoughts on “Gawd, I Love Me Some Preston Xavier Burke!!!

  1. >i'm too cheap to buy a tivo or dvr or whatever to record the show, but ALL SISTERS LOVE THIS SHOW.i guess isiah washington's career has resurged to higher heights with this show. i hope it pays off for him. he's definitely paid his dues. but with the salaries of t.v. actors (hit shows; residuals) nowadays superseding those of the screen actors, keep doing your thing bruh. paper is paper.(wbcked) <— yes, we be blacked


  2. >I love him too Lo!!! Grey's Anatomy is the best thing on T.V. Congrats to Shonda Rhimes. My girlfriends and I get together every Sunday to watch it.


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