Don’t Sleep.

If you ain’t hip to the phenomenal duo that is Gnarls Barkley


…you don’t know what you’re missing.

The group consists of the outrageous Cee-Lo


…(formerly of seminal Dirty South group, Goodie Mob, as well as his own solo works)…

…and DJ Danger Mouse


…arguably one of the greatest deejays/producers in the world—the genius behind, among other things, that extraordinary, critically-acclaimed (illegal, but downloaded to death) project, The Grey Album


…which combined Jay-Z’s vocals from The Black Album with music from the Beatles’ White Album.

Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse’s collaborative effort, an album entitled St. Elsewhere


…including the monster internet hit, “Crazy,” is bananas. I’m talking stupidfantastic.


The duo are prepping the release of their widely talked about project called Gnarls Barkley, which has already made history in the UK by hitting #1 solely off internet downloads and they hope to make the same kind of impact in the U.S.

Y’all know I like to share good music whenever I get the chance. This one is hot to death. “Crazy” is so damn infectious, I can’t stop listening to it.

Click HERE to go to their Myspace page to hear the song. It will begin to play the moment you get to the site. Or just watch the video below. I’ve been blazing this song for the past two weeks. Cee-Lo’s voice is in tip-top form and the beat is the hotness, so driving and intense, it’s irresistible.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep.

  1. >that video is mad tight! i love the kaleidoscope effect throughout the video. does cee-lo reminds you of anthony hamilton, but on a higher octave?


  2. >Ain't it, Lance? That joint's on fiyah. And you're right…Cee-Lo's like Anthony Hamilton on speed on this joint. Ultra soulful but at high octane levels.


  3. >I know Net, uh, I mean, Tanisha. This song is so killer. You can't help but sing along with it and get energized 'cause it's so damn hyped.


  4. >hey lo… love ur books…. the first time i heard this song, was when i watching the video. i love how watching it draws u in. i paid much more attn to the words than i would, had i not seen it.


  5. >Thanks for the love, Cookie Monster. I'm loving this song the more I hear it, which seems to be several times every day. It's also getting major play on the VH1 Soul channel.


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