Guess That Whole "Shaft" Thing Meant More Than We Thought.

Look who’s a brand new daddy.



Soul singer and former South Park star Isaac Hayes and his wife Adjowa are the parents of a baby boy, the couple have announced.

Nana Kwadjo Hayes – Hayes’s fourth son and his first with Adjowa – was born April 10 and weighed 8 lbs., 5 oz., said spokesman Rob Moore.

In the Ghanaian language, according to the Associated Press, Nana means “King” and Kwadjo (pronounced “Kwo-Jo”) means “boy born on Monday” (April 10 was, indeed, a Monday).

In 1992, Hayes, 63, was crowned honorary king of Ghana’s Ada region in honor of his humanitarian work.

63, huh? Folks aways have something to say when a woman over a certain age has kids, but men never seem to be subjected to that. C’est la vie.

Congratulations, Chef Isaac!!!


Well done, Big Man, well done!!! It’s a Boy for Isaac Hayes and Wife

3 thoughts on “Guess That Whole "Shaft" Thing Meant More Than We Thought.

  1. >well, i wonder if tomkat& chef's baby will go to school together someday at some scientifilogy whatever the hell they call it tell'em chef…LICK MY SALTY CHOCOLATE BALLS!!!!!!… ;-P~~~


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