8 thoughts on “>Seems Like Old Times.

  1. >nice pic y'all…how come that pic of you two reminds me of sanaa lathan and taye diggs in the movie "brown sugar" ….lolhip-hop! hip-hop!!!!


  2. >LOL!!! That's true, Lance!! It's probably because we're in a radio station, and in "Brown Sugar," the radio station scene is where Sanaa and Taye's characters finally profess their love for one another.Hip-hop, for real!!


  3. >Lo, those pictures bring back memories. I knew you both in those other lives. Funny, I had no hair then and none now — I guess some things never change 🙂


  4. >Those were the days, weren't they, Juan? We go way back. You've been knowing us a long, long time. It's all love, though. In the best way.


  5. >Dammit, I guess as the token white guy here, when I read this blog's headline, I was expecting to see something about Neil Simon's film with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase:Glenda:Nick, did you rob that bank in Carmel?Nick:Sort of.Glenda:Sort of?Nick:I did, but I didn't enjoy it. Listen, I need some money, transportation and a new suit of clothes. Something in a beige would be very nice.Glenda:Nick, you've got to turn yourself in. Half the police in this state are looking for you.Nick:I'm not going back to prison Glen. I spent two years in a Mexican prison with two cockroaches who committed suicide. You know, when I was in jail, I described your face to an artist who painted it on our cell wall. A lot of guys wanted to rent it out for the weekend, but I wouldn't let them.


  6. >Sorry Lance, that wasn't mine. Neil Simon's Seems Like Old Times. Want to see witty dialogue at its pinnacle, rent that movie. I still laugh watching it and I've seen it a million times.


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