>The Perverts Just Keep Getting More Perverted.



He’s a clean freak. How do I know? Because he likes to lick things to make sure they’re nice and shiny. Oh. You mean that doesn’t make him a clean freak? He’s just a FREAK? You know what? You may be right.

He was arrested April 14 for allegedly committing the lewd acts on four boys March 28 and on one boy April 13.

Jones reportedly saw the four boys next to a park near Dana Point Library, 33841 Niguel Road.

He told them he worked for Johnson & Johnson and wanted to use them in commercials for which they would be paid $1,500, Amormino said. He told the boys he needed to inspect their feet to make sure they fit the right profile and that they were clean, Amormino said.

Once the boys were barefoot, he allegedly licked and smelled their feet, Amormino said.

On April 13, Jones allegedly approached three boys sitting on a bench at a San Clemente mobile home park. Jones used the same ruse, saying he wanted to use them in a Johnson & Johnson commercial.

“He’s accused of licking the bottom of one of the boys’ feet,” Amormino said, adding that the other two boys ran off.

To make matters worse, check this out:

Jones, who is jailed in lieu of $115,000 bail, has worked as a security guard and in food services. He has a record for child annoyance as well as theft and drug-related charges, Amormino said.

Yeah. Freaks like this are handling your food.


[Good lookin’ out, Trouble T-roy!! Thanks for the heads-up!!]

cbs2.com: Alleged Foot Licker Charged With Lewd Conduct

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