>This Might Explain Some Things.

>According to a recent finding, humans and monkeys were once doing the do with each other.


Per the Washington Post.com:

According to the new theory, chimps and humans shared a common apelike ancestor much more recently than was thought. Furthermore, when the two emerging species split from each other, it was not a clean break. Some members of the two groups seem to have interbred about 1.2 million years after they first diverged — before going their separate ways for good.

Well, that makes this all make sense. I’d been wondering for the longest what went on here:


[Sorry. I like her. I really do. She’s always so pretty on television, oozing vivacity, personality, and good comedic timing. But every photo I’ve seen of her of late looks way too simian for me to not take notice. Okay, one more “I’m sorry,” just because I feel guilty for even saying any of this out loud. I’m sure I’ve got days where I look ape-tastic. I just try to make sure it’s not captured on film.]

Washington Post.com: Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees
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