4 thoughts on “>Nooooooooooooooo!!!

  1. >how can you fly southwest? i can't stand them. it's about the closest you're going to get to a "soul plane" type of flight. forget the cheap prices if you have to put up with alphabetical cattle-call boarding and corny jokin' flight attendants. and if you have a layover in baltimore, forget about it….the people of the PA system are just as annoying.


  2. >Lance, I not only fly Southwest, I LOVE flying them, especially for the frequent short jaunts I have to make within the state (of Cali) or nearby. I am often up in the bay area, so hopping on a Southwest flight—of which there is often one every hour on the hour, is quite convenient and makes spontaneous trips a breeze. If it's a planned trip and I bought the ticket online days ahead, I just go online at midnight (the night before my flight) and print out my boarding pass, which automatically puts me in the "A" group, which boards first, so there's no problem there, either. And the flight attendants (at least, from what I've seen on my last two or three hundred Southwest flights) don't do all that annoying singing and game-playing. The flights are quiet, pleasant, and almost always on-time.


  3. >Sorry Lance, I like them too. And they actually improved on their leg room some. I'm with Lo on this one, they are a great airline and I usually try booking a flight with them first over other airlines.


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