>What The Bloody Hell?

>If it’s true that artists create from a place of familiarity—the old “write what you know” adage—then I wonder what was on Jada’s mind when she wrote the song, “Bleed All Over Me.”

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

[click image to enlarge]

From a headbanging, metal standpoint, the song rocks. I really like Jada. I think she’s a multi-talented, forward-thinking sister. But if I was Will, I’d be sleeping with one eye open. Homegirl seems to have some serious things on her mind.

Click HERE to see the video.
(the song will begin to play on its own)

(Gracias, Troy!)

Wicked Wisdom: Bleed All Over Me
Wicked Wisdom
Official Jada Pinkett-Smith Website

7 thoughts on “>What The Bloody Hell?

  1. >Jada is some other stuff. Wy would a women married to one of the most successful black entertainers, who seemingly has a good family life and friends want to do "this" type of music. Its so cryptic, nothing I would want my kids listening too. Can you picture that. "Mommy's new album just came out, let's listen to it" NOT!


  2. >i would have had to send my last comment before this one but the video ain't that bad and bangin'. there was a riff there with the guitars and drums going at it and all you can do was "bang your head". the band is definitely tight and jada vocals are nice too, almost like she's singin' in an arabic-english dialect.


  3. >Freedom of expression…hmmmmm…the 1st Amendment…hmmmmmmmm. I know the girl said she used to drink…atleast that's what she told Oprah…but now I think there is some other frustration.The image says Anne Rice…Vampire…Blood..I mean…DAMN! It is definitely a hidden side revealed and yes commercially the tune is bangin'..but it confuses the fan base.But hey, maybe she knows how to straddle the fence and make it work…she is an actress and she is demonstrating how she can strrrrreeettttttchhhhhhh! I mean really stretch…so BRAVO! JADA PINKETT SMITH you da one! Bleed All Over Me.


  4. >Naw Lance…Ain't nobody as messed up as Whitney and Bobby…did u c Being Bobby Brown? I don't think Jada and Will are that far out of controll…or maybe they just know how to keep their shit under wraps and not let the world see the dysfunction.I really don't think their shit is as dark as Whitney and Bobby's…after seeing that reality show…I kinda changed my opinion of Bobby and stopped thinking of Whitney as the VICTIM.I really hope she can get it back in the groove..what a f&(*&_)& waste!Seems like he's turning out to be a grown up kinda fella these days.Please pray for Whitney and pray that your prediction for Jada and Will will never be.


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