Meet "Rich In The STL"!!!

You’ve seen his comments on The Lo Zone. You’ve seen his name in the posts. And now it’s time for you to meet him in the (South Park) flesh:

Rich and I go waaaaaaaaaay back. Further back than even we realized. He’s good people, real good people. We’re lucky to have him as a part of The Lo Zone.

12 thoughts on “Meet "Rich In The STL"!!!

  1. >I was inspired after I saw Lance's photo on the Lo Zone and his South Park likeness. — Thanks for the love Marlayna, but you know a brother can't wait to meet the "Pop Rocks" sista, Dawnya — Lance, can't wait to get you on the spades table. There's nothing like a good trash talkin game of spades.


  2. >I am a Spades MACHINE!!! We're gonna have to have a Lo Zone convention/get-together one day and get our Spades, chit-chat, and party on!!!


  3. >uhhhh, well to be honest y'all….i really don't know HOW TO PLAY SPADES…WHAT????? yeah, i know.i've played now and then, but for me watching the trash talkin' and butt whuppin' on the table were just as entertaining. i remember the FIRST TIME i played spades. it was mid-may of '92. LA was still smouldering after the rodney king riots and i was on a mission to learn the hollywood game and become a screenwriter.i came to the LA area on vacation, stayed with a couple of high school friends, who got married, ken and dina in glendale. YES, THAT'S GLENDALE LO!!!! (hummus, anyone?)….anyway, i was invited to play spades (FIRST TIME EVER!!!!…please show me sum luv) with ken, dina's cousin john and his wife melissa. me and ken were partners vs the married couple. ken told me the basics of playing the hand, if he goes hi card, same suite, i should go low and so on.but on this ONE time, john threw out a QUEEN OF DIAMONDS, and i didn't have one (diamonds), so i threw out a THREE of SPADES. ken questioned me about having no DIAMONDS, so, i was like "naah, i don't have any". but come to find out as i look closer at my cards, i had one. someone threw out a diamond later on and i threw my diamond down and JOHN LOST IT! "YOU RENEGE!!! YOU RENEGE!!!"…he scrambled thru the deck to find the THREE OF SPADES and backtracked on the story. obviously, "reneging" is like the "death penalty" in spades. ken was all pissed off, ready to toss me from the fourth floor balcony. john and melissa talk'd mad shit, til i got back on the plane for north carolina. and i was on DAY 2 of a 7-day trip!!!!so, there's some FEAR FACTOR in playing spades. if you don't want your feelings hurt, go watch oprah or sumpthin'….lol


  4. >Aw man, Lance. You committed the ultimate sin!! Nobody wants to be (or partner with) a ReNEGER.(the pun in that word was purely intentional)


  5. >Rich, somehow calling Lance a "ReAfricanAmericker" when he screws up in spades doesn't quite have the same effect."African American, please!!" doesn't exactly get a rise out of me, either.Not that I promote the N-word. But it does have its colloquial place. I'm from the school of reallocating its meaning to take away its thunder, as opposed to hiding it in the closet and making it The Thing That Cannot Be Uttered. Some of my favorite peeps really are my ni$$as.


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