Ode To Melicious.



An intimate spot in Burbank.

Libra magic.

It’s been a long time coming.

Something’s going to get eaten.

And here it is:

[What? What did y’all think we were going to eat? Git yer pervy minds outta the gutter. He’s my dear friend and we haven’t seen each other in awhile.

Pssssst!! Yo, Dawnya…you know where I can get some Pop Rocks?]

23 thoughts on “Ode To Melicious.

  1. >Dang, Dawnya, a case?!!! ROFL!! You sound like Elaine on that episode of "Seinfeld" where she had all those boxes of The Sponge contraceptive that she was hoarding when she found out they were being discontinued. LOL.


  2. >ROFL!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!Ohhhhhh shit!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!Not the "cumbo"!!!(See, I even said it the right way…in hushed tones.)


  3. >I was about to call up your girl with the limo service and hire my a car for the "event." Yeah, my mind jumped straight subterranean while reading that shit. Not a perv, just an O.F. (old freak).So what's the dish it looks very good — orgasmic good.Oh, Lo, I am hosting my graduation dinner on Friday at Ceiba — I'll have one of your favorites in your honor.


  4. >Juan, it's called Dessert Ravioli and it's got Snicker bars inside of it. Yummmm. It's totally decadent and sensual.And you're going to Ceiba?!! Definitely raise a 'rinha to the roof for me. And bite into a duck empanada while you're at it. Man, I miss Ceiba!!


  5. >Congratulations on your graduation Juan!! I graduated from IU last week and I am heading to L.A. this weekend to celebrate with my cousins. I'm an old Indiana girl, but I am going to have a ball.


  6. >LOL, Juan. I think you use them the same way Dawnya suggested you use mouthwash or pop rocks. For that "cool" sensation when one is receiving "brain." (The giver has Altoids in her, or his, mouth.)At least, that's what I hear you do with the Altoids. I certainly wouldn't know.


  7. >yo, juan…i don't know about altoids,(sounds like a winner, powerful stuff) but i also heard that menthol cough drops work too!congrats dawnya…party hard in LA! you're going to love it!!!juan & dawnya, don't forget to po' some out for us that can't make the parties!!!!…mad love, congrats and best of luck in your endeavors!


  8. >Menthol cough drops, huh? Y'all sure are a creative bunch out here in The Lo Zone. Next thing you know, someone's going to say slathering the inside of your mouth with Icy Hot really does the "job."


  9. >I've got some Ricola's around here somewhere. I wonder if those will work. Uh, not that I plan on testing them or anything. I'm just, you know, thinking out loud.


  10. >What are the pop rocks for? Please let me in on the secret sound like sumtin-sumtin!How about I was just in Canada where shit is super high! I WAS SO TEMPTED TO SPEND MY LAST $20 ON A BOX OF TODAY SPONGES! Then I remembered i was single and went to get a manicure instead.


  11. >well, lboogie, it ain't TOO HIGH in canada as the pop rocks chatter has ZOOOOMED over your head….scroll up and read down again. if you can't figga dis one out. holla back, i'll shoo you in on the fun.


  12. >oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi get it now – like i said i am single, so single that when i sit down dust plops out my drawers – lol


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