Textbook Skinny.

See, this is why I love Gallery of the Absurd. They are so spot-on in their caricatures and spoofs.

This newest one ponders what high school textbooks of the future might look like, suggesting perhaps the image of a skeleton might even be updated to help students better relate:

[click image to enlarge]

I wonder if Nicole will ever snap out of it one day and see how thin she’s really gotten. Hopefully so. Still, as long as society continues to celebrate stick-thinness, she’ll probably always feels like she could stand to lose another pound or two.

Gallery of the Absurd: High School Textbooks of the Future?
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2 thoughts on “Textbook Skinny.

  1. >What's strange is that before I read the text I said, "oh, Nicole Richie." The quick recognition also says a great deal about how "shallow" she has become — no pun intended.


  2. >I spent years in Ethiopia with great people who were unintentionally skinny. Forgive me if Nicole's problem doesn't spark emotion within me.


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