"Bejeweled By Janeth" Is Here!!!

I tell ya, it’s all about me today. Lolita. Sorta. Let me explain.

Remember at the beginning of last month I did a post about my friend Jan? She’s a member of one of my favorite book clubs, Reading Group of Sisters and Friends.

Remember Jan has a beautiful line of jewelry that she makes called “Bejeweled by Janeth“? Remember these gorgeous earrings with dynamic Swarovski crystals that change color according to the light that she made for me?

Remember? Well, Jan’s website, “Bejeweled by Janeth,” is now up and running, and guess what? She’s named the above earrings after me!!! The crystal drop earrings will now be called “Lolita“!!! How awesome is that??!!!

So be sure to visit the website to check out and BUY some of her amazing pieces. Per Jan, the site will be updated daily with new merchandise, so anyone browsing and/or shopping should check back daily/weekly for new items. She’ll also be running sales and specials, so you should definitely pay her a visit!!!

Another sister doing the damn thang. Her website is also in the “Links” section of this blog, so she’s always just a click away.

Let’s show her some love, y’all, let’s show her some love!!!

Bejeweled by Janeth
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