For The Love Of Shibas!!!

Lo Zone reader Denea noticed the new slide show with my babies (my dawgies) in the sidebar of this blog and wrote in to ask if they were Shiba Inus. As any Shiba owner knows, we tend to lose our minds with glee when someone recognizes our breed of dog. Denea is also the proud owner of a Shiba Inu—a beauty of a girl who, like my only boy dog, Milo, is almost eight-years old. Denea’s charmer is named Indigo, and boy, does she have a great sense of style!!

Denea says people thought she put that tutu on Indigo, but Indigo actually grabbed the tutu herself!! This breed is very specific about what it wants, loves, and needs. They are some of the sweetest, smartest, most adoring dogs you’ll ever meet. Sure, you can’t walk them off the leash (they have a natural hunting streak and more than likely will take off after the first small thing that they see moving), but they are pure joys to have around. And my big baby, Toshi, a Japanese Akita Inu (in the same family as Shiba Inus), gets along with them perfectly. If you’re considering a pet, I highly recommend them. They’re family-friendly, protective, alert, not too big, and highly-intelligent. Wonderful bundles of furry love.


Thanks Denea and Indigo for being a part of The Zone!!!

American Kennel Club: Shiba Inu

6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Shibas!!!

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  2. >Hahahahahahahaha!!! This is GREAT, Greeneyedrican!!! Thank you!!!I'd be Dallas Lusty Tush.Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I love it!!!


  3. >denea's, "indigo" is a very beautiful shibu inu aka "dog", but the expression in the second picture with the teddy bear reads, "bitch, please"….hahahahahahaha!!!!


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