Mel Jackson, South Park Style!!!

Check out the hotness that is South Park Mel!!!

If you know anything about the very deeply philosophical Mel and his IAMENUS principles, you know that this cartoon version of him is totally on point.

Mel Jackson Online


8 thoughts on “Mel Jackson, South Park Style!!!

  1. >I thought lboogie was a dude, this isn't the salad tossing blog is it? The IAMENUS philosophy doesn't include that, does it?? I may have to disassociate myself with this blog (mad props to anyone who knows what movie I pilfered that from).


  2. >Rich, from what we've come to know of her on the blog, LBoogie is very much a woman—both she and Cortgeezy have remarked on how "endowed" she is up top, Pam Grier-style.


  3. >My bad, Lboogie, it just sounds so much Like the character Lance in the "Best Man" (same place I stole the line from) that I thought it was a guy name. I guess that's what happens when you are late to the game.


  4. >don't feel bad rich….after "the best man" some were calling me, "lboogie" because my name is lance and i was like, "wait a minute. ain't "lboogie" lauryn hill of the fugees?" that's where i heard of "lboogie" first.but since i don't know lauryn personally, our lo zoner "lboogie" gets the props!


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