8 thoughts on “Mel Jackson, South Park Style!!!

  1. >i don't know 'bout y'all, but i'm playing 111, dollar straight midday and evening…for you lottery playin' folks.all hail to kang mel!!!!


  2. >I thought lboogie was a dude, this isn't the salad tossing blog is it? The IAMENUS philosophy doesn't include that, does it?? I may have to disassociate myself with this blog (mad props to anyone who knows what movie I pilfered that from).


  3. >Rich, from what we've come to know of her on the blog, LBoogie is very much a woman—both she and Cortgeezy have remarked on how "endowed" she is up top, Pam Grier-style.


  4. >My bad, Lboogie, it just sounds so much Like the character Lance in the "Best Man" (same place I stole the line from) that I thought it was a guy name. I guess that's what happens when you are late to the game.


  5. >don't feel bad rich….after "the best man" some were calling me, "lboogie" because my name is lance and i was like, "wait a minute. ain't "lboogie" lauryn hill of the fugees?" that's where i heard of "lboogie" first.but since i don't know lauryn personally, our lo zoner "lboogie" gets the props!


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