Ooh, Now This Would Be Cool!!



This is was in Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown column yesterday:

When and if Star Jones Reynolds leaves “The View” — which many insiders still believe she’ll do, despite her flack’s denials — a surprise candidate might be emerging as a possible replacement: South Carolina talk radio host Bo Griffin. The fortysomething Griffin — who’s rumored to have caught Barbara Walters’ eye since the Gayle King boomlet fizzled — used to co-host the syndicated Fox show “Good Day Live” and was a correspondent for “Extra.” A tipster says: “Bo is a journalist like Meredith [Vieira], but is a dead ringer for Star. She’s now the front-runner for Star’s seat.” But a spokesman for “The View” told Lowdown: “Barbara Walters said, ‘That’s fascinating’ because she’s never heard the same and we are not looking for a co-host.” Still, Griffin apparently has no beef with Rosie O’Donnell.

This would be great. Bo has a fantastic personality and would be a wonderful fit for the ladies on the show. She’s smart, funny, pretty, and hella-vivacious. We know each other from our days back in South Florida where she was one of, if not the, most popular morning radio personalities in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market)and was also quite well-known nationally for informercial endorsements.

It would definitely be an improvement over what’s going on now!!!

New York Daily News: Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown: If Star’s a no, is Bo a go?

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