>How You Know Your Fifteen Minutes Are Almost Up.

>Hmmm. I’m not quite sure what I think about this one. I mean, we all came up on this company’s products at some point. My first colognes and makeup came from them when I was a kid, and I really liked their stuff, some of which was pretty cool. (I once had a malted milkball-flavored lipstick that smelled so authentic, I gobbled down the whole stick. Imagine how stricken I was to bite into a disgusting waxy goo once I got past the malt-flavored surface. I was in the back seat of our family car during a leisurely drive when I ate it and spent the next hour heaving all over the seat, much to my father’s displeasure. Hey, I was six. What do you expect? I used to eat doll heads back then, too.)

But I digress.

Per Page Six:

Julia Roberts may have been dropped as the face of Christian Dior makeup, as Page Six reported last month, but the former “Pretty Woman” will still be the face of something. According to Us Weekly, Roberts is about to sign on as the spokeswoman for more downmarket Avon – for a whopping $2 million-$4 million a year. Roberts will join Salma Hayek (who earns a measly $1 million- $2 million a year) in representing the company.

And Avon?

Not that there’s anything wrong with them. They’ve got cool stuff, and heck, they get a lifetime of props just on the strength of making Skin So Soft

…which single-handedly saved me from being eaten alive by the mosquitoes in Mississippi when we used to visit my relatives during summer vacation (what was in that stuff anyway? if mosquitoes came anywhere near the force field SSS created around me, they were instantly dead).

This is Julia Roberts, the once-reigning queen of Hollywood and, for a long time, its highest-paid actress (that honor now goes to Reese Witherspoon).

Now she’s about to be shilling for a company that carries products like this press-on nail polish (!!!)…

…and this

Hell hath no fury like aging in Hollywood.

Page Six: Makeup Switch

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