No Shame In This Game.

You know her, you love her, you’ve talked to her right here in the comments sections of this very blog, but did you know that Lo Zoner South Park Vickie

…is actually bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray?

And guess what? She’s got a brand spanking-new novel out that’s the long-awaited sequel to her first book, Temptation.

The new book is called A Sin and A Shame

…and it features her steamiest, most scandalous character of all time, Jasmine.

Show her some love, y’all. She’s one of our own. Buy the book. Go out and see her when she hits your city, which could be at any moment. She’s well worth it. Victoria Christopher Murray is one of the best writers around. She knows how to tell a juicy, compelling, page-turner of a story, and this one is definitely hot, hot, hot!!!

Victoria Christopher A Sin and A Shame
Simon and Schuster: A Sin and A Shame

4 thoughts on “No Shame In This Game.

  1. >Great, Juan and Rich!! Thanks for supporting her. Vickie's the real deal. I'm so proud of her on every level. And Rich, you and Juan are both writers who are planning your own ultimate debuts. Y'all might want to introduce yourselves to each other. Juan, Rich is an old friend. Rich, Juan is an old friend. Juan is deeply immersed in the writer's world. The Lo Zone can be a great place to network, you know!


  2. >The Lo Zone is a great place to network, but it's the best place to hang out with friends. THANKS, LO for the love! I really appreciate it. And thanks to you too, Juan and Rich.


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