>Does This Mean He Likes Take-Out?


Y’all need to get your boy.

MICHAEL Jackson plans to adopt a Japanese orphan, it has been claimed.

The dad-of-three, 47, is said to have visited children’s homes there on his current Far East tour.

US gossip columnist Roger Friedman said: “His trip to Japan was not all about publicity and quick self-gratification for a dimmed star with no fans.

“He toured orphanages. I’m told he’s looking for kids to add to his current collection of three.”

Mirror.co.uk – News – Jacko ‘To Adopt Tot In Japan’

5 thoughts on “>Does This Mean He Likes Take-Out?

  1. >I agree with dawnya.However, there is something bigger at issue here (no, not that he needs his natural born black ass whipped). But I think about Josephine Baker and her rainbow tribe. There is something about the feeling of not belonging that drives certain people to be as "inclusive" as they can be. Who knew that a shunned little black boy would aspire to be a white woman. Go figure.


  2. >You are crazy Juan. I mean he is always trying to help people. His hometown could use a little assistance. I have lived in Indiana all my life, born and raised in Gary, and he has never done anything for this city. None of the Jackson family has.


  3. >d., that is part of my point. He never helps his "own" which only goes to highlight that the "man in the mirror" that Michael Jackson sees looks nothing like his soul


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