This Makes Me So Sad.

I hardly know my country anymore.

Why was last November’s massacre by U.S. Marines of “as many as two dozen Iraqi civilians…at Haditha, a city in the Anbar province of western Iraq,” covered up? Among the murdered: old people, taxicab passengers, women and children.

Representative John Murtha, a Democrat from Pennsylvania and former Marine, said last weekend: “Who covered it up, why did they cover it up, why did they wait so long?…We don’t know how far it goes. It goes right up the chain of command.” Describing George W. Bush’s bloody misadventure in Iraq, the congressman said: “[W]e’re set back every time something like this happens. This is worse than Abu Ghraib.”

In the words of Pat Metheny and David Bowie…”This is not America.”

SFGate: Haditha massacre: America’s allies shocked, but no longer surprised

3 thoughts on “This Makes Me So Sad.

  1. >This administration are just as bad a Sadaam! They are killing people and hiding it from us, because they know invading Iraq was the biggest mistake ever made. All because some little man wanted to get payback for his racist daddy. Ugh…I'm moving to Canada…tomorrow!!!


  2. >Sickened. Horrified. How to explain this? When I was growing up, the US didn't have its own Nazi stormtroopers…my how things have changed. I'm thinking of penning a book titled, "The Day We Became The Terrorists". What kind of sad statement is that?I want my country back.


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