Well, This Was Inevitable.

Sooner or later, all kids act out…


O.J. Simpson’s daughter was sentenced Wednesday to 50 hours of community service in a deal with prosecutors that stemmed from a confrontation with police during a fight outside a prep school basketball game.

Sydney Simpson, 20, did not appear in court, but her lawyer accepted the deal on her behalf in a teleconference with a judge.

She was arrested in January 2005 when Miami police said she repeatedly yelled profanities at officers called to Ransom Everglades School to stop a fight after a boys’ basketball game against Gulliver Prep. Then 19, Simpson had already graduated from Gulliver at the time.

While being taken into custody, she slapped an officer’s hand, a police report said.

She needs to be slapping her father.

Oh. Unless, of course, you don’t think that he did it.

Fox News: O.J. Simpson’s daughter gets community service

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