>Remember, He Doesn’t Want You To Watch.

>Choose your side: do you wanna laugh or stand in solidarity with Dave?

He made it very clear when he was on Oprah

…that he was gonna be reaaaaaaaaaal pissed if Comedy Central dared to put the few episodes that were in the can from Season Three on the air (what he was working on when he did his famous walk-out), and he hoped that we wouldn’t watch them and support his position.

Well, they dared.

Per Zap2it.com:

Comedy Central has finally set an airdate for the final episodes of “Chappelle’s Show,” which will feature sketches Dave Chappelle completed before walking away from the series.

The network will unveil what it’s calling “Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes” on Sunday, July 9. For those keeping score at home, that’s more than two years since the last original installment of the show first aired and 15-plus months since Comedy Central’s last scheduled premiere date for season three.

Your move.

What y’all gon’ do? Mildew or laugh?

Zap2it.com: Final ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Episodes Get Airdate


3 thoughts on “>Remember, He Doesn’t Want You To Watch.

  1. >considering dave's sentiments about it, i probably wouldn't even watch it. for me, it wouldn't be genuine comedy. it's more obvious, a $$$$ by comedy central and advertisers to cash in on dave's past successes.


  2. >I'm of the same position as you, Lance. This is definitely their attempt to exploit anything they have with him attached to it. Typical corporate dollar-chasing. They've got more than enough consensual material from him to make all the money they want without using this stuff, but they're doing it anyway. But, of course, these are the same people that tried to make the world (particularly his own people) believe he was "crazy" when he walked away.


  3. >In the words of someone whom I can't quite remember (Chris Rock, I think), it's show "business" not show "friends". He backed out. They own the rights. You have to take your lumps like a man. I mean, come on, Dave ain't stupid. He's producing the hype behind it by saying don't watch it. You know people are going to watch it now. The only way I can see him really not wanting people to watch it is if its "garbage" like them flaky "Charlie Murphy" skits.


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