>I know I’m not the only fool who watches the show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Am I?

Well, if I am, that’s a shame because last week I caught a group of some of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. They were ON FIYAH!!! How hot were they? They’re all a part of the same group, but EACH ONE made it through to the next level because their individual performances were so damn good.

The dance group is called SickStep, and saying that their dancing is SICK is almost an understatement.

Check out this video of their performances. My favorite is the last kid, Victor Kim, who is not only the cutest little sexy thing, but his dancing is RIDICULOUS!!! Seriously. Dude’s got mad swagger. His confidence never wavered, not even for a second.

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch video]

Fox.com: So You Think You Can Dance?
SickStep Hip Hop and Bboy Dance Crew

6 thoughts on “>SuperSick!!!

  1. >Okay, it's official. I am old. Where I come from we would have called the paramedics and said, "Hurry, they're having a seizure."I definitely won't be trying to copy any of those moves or I'd definitely need 911.But, I enjoyed watching them and had to sit down because they made me tired just looking.


  2. >Juan you are crazy. That was cool. I think I might have to start watching the show. Thanks for the clip Lo. I love this site!! P.S. If I could move like that I wouldn't need PopRocks. ROFL!!


  3. >Some of ya'll ain't from South Florida, so you ain't hip to the Jam Pony Express DJ named Slic Vic (maybe Lo, will have Ho Zone get down to one of their old school jamz). Anyway, that cat who danced last needs to steal his name, better yet he needs to change his name to Sick Vic, because he was off the heezy! What night did u say that came on?Dawnya, I'm going to the store to get some pop rocks TODAY! Enuf said. I'm out!


  4. >This would make a perfect spank video for Michael Jackson!Also, I once moved the way these kids do when I ate raw beef in Ethiopia.


  5. >One of the pop lockin muggs on the show was from Kalamazoo MI!!! He was the one makin his chest pump while he was leaned back on his knees and the little cutie shawn sparks thought that it was live. He didn't make it to hollywood or whereever they were going for the second round. I don't know the cat though…it was just cool seeing Kalabama represent.ShelethaCircle of Sisters Bookclub of Kalamazoo


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