EJD Is A F*ckin’ RIOT!!!

Earlier today I was having an e-mail exchange with Bubby my dear friend Eric Jerome Dickey

…and he asked me if I’d ever heard the audio of the voice message the late Lou Rawls’ wife left on his daughter’s phone when Lou was on his deathbed.

It had been a minute since I’d heard it, so I listened again, just to refresh my memory. It’s pretty tragic. Some real outlandish, ballsy sh*t.

The funniest thing, though was what Eric wrote to me after he listened to it:

that is so fucked…that should be played before every wedding…no….at right after every marriage proposal..no…at all jewelry stores, big speakers right above the wedding rings…

I must have laughed for twenty minutes at his words, especially when I began to imagine that audio being played in the engagement/wedding ring section of jewelry stores. I’m totally with him on this. Diggers come in all shapes and sizes, and in both genders. To hear this woman gloating about it just burns the soul.

Just in case you haven’t heard the voice message Mrs. Rawls left for her stepdaughter, here it is.


5 thoughts on “EJD Is A F*ckin’ RIOT!!!

  1. >Lo, The Waterboy's momma keeps proving herself right…"women are da' DEBIL!"Hey, a land mine only cost Paul McCartney's ex-wife her leg. The marriage cost him an arm AND a leg.


  2. >Matt,That is some funny ass shyt..Funny that you should post this one Lo.I just found out last night that my Pops is marrying a woman who is younger then me. I'm sure she gonna take everything he has..Oh well.Life is hard even harder when you are stupid.


  3. >Dang, Greeneyedrican, that sucks. Sometimes when people get of a certain age, they are so blinded by the fact that someone younger is giving them attention (and sex), that that's all that matters and all other judgment gets clouded. I guess it must feel like getting to drink from the fountain of youth, but is it worth it? You might get some good sex for a little while, but then you're left with nothing. A blow-up doll would be a safer bet. Or a hooker. At least with a hooker you know what you're paying up front.


  4. >I am kinda glad my Momma and Daddy ain't got nothing to pass down to me. It makes me feel better. Sad thing is that either of my parents plan or care enough to even think about a financial legacy other than bills to me. Go figure.


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