>R.I.P. Billy Preston.

>This is sad news. I just heard it on the radio as I was returning from the gym. Even sadder was the fact that he had been in a coma since November, but I don’t recall seeing anything about that anywhere. I was such a fan of Billy Preston when I was growing up. His music played a major role in my childhood in the seventies, as much as Stevie and the Jackson Five. It was always a treat to see him perform on Soul Train with his fabulous afro, funky clothes, and cosmic sound. His talent was colossal. They don’t make music like his anymore.

Here’s a trip down memory lane, in honor such a great man. These are my two favorite songs by Billy Preston. There are many, but these have always topped the list. Enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “>R.I.P. Billy Preston.

  1. >we've lost another great one.beyond the two great songs lo had mentioned as favorites, another billy preston favorite of mine is "with you i'm born again" with syreeta. unfortunately, syreeta passed away a couple of years ago from cancer but it was an incredible duet.


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