>For Those Who Care.


…finally won her first major book award, and it didn’t come until her third book, On Beauty.

Who knew? She’s been feted to death since her first book, White Teeth, exploded onto the publishing landscape six years ago to incessant critical acclaim and was turned into a miniseries by the BBC and aired on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater.

I figured ol’ girl was up to her eyeballs in major awards by now.


Go Zadie!!!

I thought you had ’em already.

Telegraph.co.uk: Weepy Orange Prize winner Zadie says ‘I’m lost for words’

2 thoughts on “>For Those Who Care.

  1. >funny you should say that uf_slimboy, yo' bitch-ass mama told you the same damn thing, when you "popped" outta dat fish hole! "you sho'll is UGLY!!!!"You go Zadie!!!!


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