>Best Use Of The Internet I’ve Ever Seen.

>A guy named Evan has a friend whose Sidekick was left in a cab. The young girl now illegally in possession of it not only refuses to the return it, but used it to take pictures and make phone calls. Unbeknownst to the girl, when you use a Sidekick, the data is automatically uploaded to T-Mobile’s website, so the original owner was able to log online and see the new pics and phone calls that were made. The girl in illegal possession of the phone had even signed onto AOL with it, so her screen name and password were also now available. Evan (the friend of the phone’s rightful owner) reached out to the girl and requested the return of the phone, even offering a reward. The girl still refused to give it back.

This is a picture she took of herself with the camera that doesn’t belong to her.

Oh yeah, she also took pics of what I’m guessing are family members, seen here…

…and here.

What follows next is the most amazing case of “don’t try to steal something in the age of the internet and think there won’t be karmic retribution” I’ve ever seen. Practically the whole blogosphere, includings cops and attorneys, has joined in helping nail this audacious chick.

This girl (who is sixteen, has a baby, and a boyfriend who’s somewhere between 24 and 26 years old), even has a MySpace site with a video of her shaking her ass with one of her friends (she’s the one in the green top).

Yup, that (plus even more info) was able to be discovered about her because now THE ENTIRE INTERNET is involved.

I love it. A world of people coming together to set something right. Sure, it’s just a phone this time, but next time, it could be everyone coming together to help save someone’s life.

Head over to the website of the guy whose search for justice started all this. Read the blow-by-blow of the back-and-forth that’s been going on between him, the girl, her brother, her boyfriend, and everyone on the ‘net who’s been trying to help. Trust me, you DEFINITELY need to check this out. This whole situation is downright scandalous.


One thought on “>Best Use Of The Internet I’ve Ever Seen.

  1. >all i can say is WOW!!!!….reminds me of those verizon t.v. commericals of their "network" in action.but when the smoke clears…all she's going to do is destroy the sidekick2 or claim someone else stole it. she'll use a lie to compound a lie. and yeah, the nypd ain't gonna hang around and pursue something that wasn't stolen to start with. it was lost and later found.


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