>Why Is She Still Talking About This?


And even worse, why is she doing a book about it?

“Grace Will Lead Me Home,” co-written by Lori Giachin, tells of the domestic violence that has been present in [Robin’s] family for three generations. She describes the first time Tyson punched her. “Delivered coldly, dispassionately” he “easily tossed my 105-pound frame across the room,” she writes, adding that the boxer then sliced her clothing and choked her.

Talk about being stuck on stupid. This happened nearly twenty years ago. Sheesh.

Mike’s beaten up tons of women since then and they’re not writing books about it.

Let it go, girl. Let it go.

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4 thoughts on “>Why Is She Still Talking About This?

  1. >maybe it's the money. looking for a goldmine in the past. but with tyson no longer the "baddest man on the planet" and no longer boxing, she ain't gonna get much from miramax and others.


  2. >Holy moly…I remember when I would've killed to be with her…that photo of her is frightening. What the hell happened to her? Perhaps Mike was just trying to knock the "whore" out of her.Alright, I'm still carrying baggage. Just let me speak.


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