>Dang. When Is This Coming To MY Town?

The people here are pretty darn lucky. They get citiwide Wi-Fi way cheap, which can be a dream come true if you are someone who relies heavily upon internet use.

Chaska is one of the first U.S. cities to offer almost all of its residents Wi-Fi, short for wireless fidelity. Users plug a city-supplied Wi-Fi receiver into their computers, allowing them to receive Web service through radio signals, thus untethering their machines from telephone cables and making them theoretically mobile.

At half the price of cable or a phone line, something like this would be awesome. Wi-Fi has become a critical part of my life, like breathing, eating, and sleeping. What a joy it would be to have it for half-price.

I wonder if they could pull something off like this in a city as big as L.A., though. Chaska’s one thing, with its population of 22,923. L.A.’s got over 9,935,475 people, all of whom probably surf the ‘net aggressively. We might shut a city-run Wi-Fi system down.

Hey, if they can get Wi-Fi on airplines

…perhaps it’s not such an impossible dream.

Chicago Tribune: Wi-Fi town a learning center

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