>Just Imagine…

>…you’re in a cab being driven by a driver who’s prone to seizures, but hasn’t told anybody. A NEW YORK CITY cab, of all things.

Just imagine.

A rookie cab driver who allegedly passed out at the wheel moments before a deadly crash in Manhattan had suffered a seizure before, his family revealed yesterday.

But the driver insisted that bad brakes were to blame for the Sunday morning tragedy that killed a college student from Staten Island and injured three of her friends.

Cabbie Hassan Afzal, 21, awoke after Sunday’s deadly crash and instantly asked about the fate of four young women he picked up shortly before 3 a.m., his cousin said.

“He asked if they were all right. He was concerned,” Afzal’s cousin Azhar Sajawal, 26, said.

His family didn’t tell the driver that Danielle Ricco, 20, was killed when she was ejected from Afzal’s cab onto West St. at W. Houston St. – and then crushed by a second taxi. Three other young women were injured in the crash.

I guess the upside of this (if there is one) is that the cabbie was courteous enough to ask what happened to his passengers once he woke up, but still.

This is pretty damn horrific.

There oughta be a law.

New York Daily News: Cabbie has seizure history: Kin

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