One Smart Cookie.

So I was on the phone with Karrine Steffans yesterday. Yes, that Karrine Steffans…

…and, I swear, every time I talk to her, she gives me brilliant suggestions that I can immediately put into practical application. And not the kind of suggestions you might be thinking (although she’s pretty insightful when it comes to those, too).

The first time she did this was a few months back. We were talking on the phone about what seemed like everything under the sun, and by the time the conversation was over, she’d given me three recipes that I’ve been using ever since: one for quick, magnificent, delicious mashed potatoes, another for quick, magnificent, delicious macaroni and cheese, and another for lasagne roll-ups. Also magnificent and delicious. At the time, I told her she should have her own tv show (which, now more than ever, I’m convinced she should have). She’s a veritable progressive, sexy Martha Stewart who can run the gamut of conversation and industry with confidence and a practical level of expertise that definitely gets your attention. Y’all may think you know what Karrine’s all about, but you don’t. Video Vixen doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. She’s definitely got the wheels turning, and always offers useful information.

So yesterday Karrine gave me two things that I could immediately use and I told her I was going to share them with you, the Lo Zoners. I do a lot of online shopping. First she told me about It’s a great way to get promotional codes for discounts and coupons for instant savings at various places that I regularly shop at online, like Target (yeah, bitches, I shop at Target, don’t act like you don’t either), the Apple store, and (the best place to purchase shoes online!!!). There are promotional codes and coupons for pretty much every type of buying there is to be done. If you don’t have to physically go to the store for your purchase and can order online instead, the savings are definitely worth it.

(She also mentioned as another excellent place for this type of thing).

Then she told me about American Airlines’ new program, AAdvantage eshopping. This is a great way to get mileage for purchases you make online at a variety of stores that you might already shop at.

Here’s how: when you click AAdvantage eshopping and get to the home page, scroll down until you see a light blue button shaped like an arrow that says “All Merchants.” Click it. It’ll bring up a list of practically every store under the sun that most of us shop at on a regular basis. With American Airlines’ new program, you’ll get a certain number of miles per dollar that you spend online at a particular store.

For instance, if you click the link for Target (yeah, bitches, Target again), once it takes you to the page for Target, you’ll see a flashing red button that says “eShop Now.” When you click it, it’ll ask for your frequent flyer information, if you already belong to their program. If not, it’s well worth it to sign up (click here to enroll online, it doesn’t cost you anything). Once you’ve entered your frequent flyer info, you can start shopping and the site will remember it. Now you’re on your way!! Depending on how much shopping you do at various stores online, you’ll have a free trip coming to you in no time at all.

Why not try it? More than likely, you’re going to spend the money at these stores anyway. (Right, Vickie?)

That tip from Karrine was a real winner. Thanks, girl!!!

And guys, this stuff applies to you, too. These are stores we all frequent. This is not some chick thing.

Be on the lookout for Karrine’s next book, out in summer 2007. I’ll be contributing to it, as well as a host of people you’ll recognize and enjoy. Trust me, it’ll definitely, definitely have your attention. Yet another incisive, provocative, smart idea from a woman who’s way more dynamic than you know. Yeah. I think she’s cool people. Don’t judge a book by what you think is its only cover.

Karrine Steffans Online Confessions of a Video Vixen

6 thoughts on “One Smart Cookie.

  1. >yeah, target. an "upscaled" wal-mart. but it works! who would have thunk karrine would go from a nice, respectable video hoe to a "sadie", at the house bakin' cookies, tradin' recipes.who knew?


  2. >Lance, she is way cool. It might be easy to buy into who you think she is, but you'd be wrong. People are quick to throw stones—we sometimes jokingly make sport of folks on this blog—but none of us are beyond reproach. Karrine's taking what she's learned and making proactive, forward-moving steps by supporting (and deterring) young girls who might try to go down the path that she went down, thinking it's the answer. And there's very little you can't talk to her about—she's shrewd, well-read and informed, and quite funny.


  3. >there you go again….just like lboogie, puttin' a flower in my gun barrel…can't argue with practical, common sense. and yeah, we've bashed some peeples up in here. but it's all about love, what'cha thank?


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