Snakes In A Book On A Plane: The Complete Book Of Quotes!!!

S.O.A.P.!!! S.O.A.P.!!! Glorious S.O.A.P.!!!

On Monday, I shared with you the video of a song done in honor of Samuel L. Jackson and his upcoming battle with the airborne snakes. And now, just days later, I learn of another fantastic project celebrating this soon-to-be monster hit of a movie.

[click image to enlarge]

Can you believe it? I’m so damn psyched!!! An obviously very cool editor, Sarah Durand, along with the powers-that-be at HarperCollins, had the insight to see that this was really going to be a phenomenon, so this book is coming our way on August 1st, just in time for the movie, which will be in theaters on August 18th!!! It’s filled with totally cool quotes, like:

“Enough is enough. I’ve had it with the snakes.”

I’m sure I’ll be saying that line for a long time to come, and not just in regard to the movie.

My favorite quote so far?

“I want these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane.”

Aw, man!! I can’t WAIT for this movie, and y’all have gotta get the book!!!

Y’all might think I’m playing when I say this movie is truly going to be something big. Just check out these particular facts:


See what I’m saying? So having a book to go along with it just shows how this thing is growing into something truly unstoppable.

I’m even going to have a contest where I give a few copies of the book away. Won’t that be fun? (This is one of those times where it really pays to be at the same publishing house as a book you want to get your hands on.) Soon we’ll all be Snakes On A Planers, quoting this hilarious stuff!!! Soon everybody will be wanting those motherfucking snakes off that motherfucking plane!!!

Whew!! I’ve gotten myself all worked up over this. Y’all just don’t know how hyped I am about all this. Seriously. And now there’s a book to go with the movie?


Stick a fork in my ass. I’m so damn done. Snakes on a Plane: The Complete Quote Book (Paperback)
Snakes On A Plane: The Movie
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