Nacho Typical Movie.

I saw the trailer for this when I went to see MI:3 and thought it was pretty funny.

Nacho Libre

It’s also getting great reviews.

Y’all might wanna check it out. I’m just sayin’. Here’s the trailer. See for yourself.

Nacho Libre: The Movie
New York Times: Jack Black Plays a Tender Heart in Stretchy Pants and Ankle Boots in ‘Nacho Libre’

2 thoughts on “Nacho Typical Movie.

  1. >this is the first time seeing the trailer and it's pretty hilarious. whoever producing it has done a great job promoting it in the nyc area…"nacho libre" is everywhere.with s.o.a.p., nacho libre and little man coming soon, this maybe the year of the sleeper films in hollywood.


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