I’d Vote For Him.

Senator Obama

And not just because the choices we have right now suck. This guy is pretty damn charismatic and is the kind of man I think could pull a nation together. ’08 might be too soon, but then, anything’s better than what’s going on now.

Washington Post.com: Obama’s Profile Has Democrats Taking Notice

5 thoughts on “I’d Vote For Him.

  1. >he may become the first black president, but the country is going to have to hit solid rock bottom first and damn near extinction before it will happen. the other white meat ain't gonna let it happen, unless he goes republican. some say condi rice may go for it in 2008. that would be interesting to see, especially if hilary clinton runs!


  2. >I love me some Barack Obama! He is so intelligent and sophiticated. His wife Michelle is one of my role models. She is so smart and doesn't take crap off of anyone. They are just a fabulous couple. I don't think he'll run until 2012, though. I think he needs to stay in the senate for a few more years and get some more experience under his belt. Maybe even run for mayor, then he'll be ready. And I'll be waiting 🙂 Hopefully I can be apart of his campaign in some fashion. I wanna be his speech writer or something like that. As soon as I graduate, I'm headed for his office looking for a job… LOLHe is the man I tell ya!!!


  3. >Barak is the truth! This cat has been in the trenches in Chicago for years. If you haven't read his autobiography, it's definitely worth the read. — I'd vote for him in a heartbeat, and I believe he'd do a pretty good job. White folks just need to get over themselves and let someone with real vision and integrity lead this country as opposed to more of the same good ole boys looking to gain more wealth and power.


  4. >considering barack won't be up for senate re-election until 2010, how will the people vote this time? can't really count on the black vote to a degree, considering how "some religious" blacks fell for the "okie dok" and vote the straight republican ticket in the last presidential election, despite bad economy and the war in iraqi. simple minded folks was following g.dubya (karl rove) stragedies on gay marriage or anti-gay sentiments, period. also, keep in mind, obama didn't win with competition. his republican opponent, jack ryan was caught up in a sex scandal with estranged wife, actress jeri ryan during the campaign and dropped outta the race, leaving obama virtually uncontested, unless you consider alan keyes (who ran against him at the last minute for the republic party) worthy. forget 2008, maybe run in 2012, but he has to re-elected first in 2010.


  5. >"Nothing is more transparent than inauthentic expressions of faith: the politician who shows up at a black church around election time and claps–off rhythm–to the gospel choir."Barack ObamaI luv that man.


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